Mechatronics Technician Apprentice - Plymouth, MN

May 13, 2022


This position is designed for an individual to get hands on learning experience as they get a formal education at an accredited technical college. Apprentices earn a debt-free Associate Degree from Hennepin Technical College and gain skills in the Electrical and Mechanical field. The apprenticeship is a formalized, 3 year dual-training program that combines structured, on-the-job training and related technical instruction. Apprentices are paid employees of Turck for the entire length of the program. This is a GREAT opportunity to earn money while you earn an Associate’s Degree at no cost to you. 


All training, classes, books and tools are paid for by Turck. Upon completion of the program the apprentices receive their Journeyworker Card from the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry, an Associate’s Degree of Applied Science from a local technical college, and international credentials through the ICATT Apprenticeship Program. ( 



Mechatronics Technicians apprentices learn how to create, troubleshoot and maintain electro-mechanical systems, including metalworking, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, and a strong focus on electronics and programmable logic controllers (PLCs).


  • Regular and acceptable attendance for your designated coursework through a designated accredited technical college and on-the-job training and work is required 
  • Fabrication, testing and maintaining electro-mechanical assemblies
  • Installing and configuring programs for hardware and software components
  • Creating technical documents such as blueprints and assembly- and instruction manuals
  • Set up, troubleshoot and repair mechanics, pneumatics and hydraulics, including reading technical diagrams and schematics
  • Understand and repair motors and drives
  • Choose or develop correct test procedures and use quality management systems
  • Use manual and CNC machinery
  • Understand properties of different materials and how they affect production processes 
  • Select and perform correct joining technology, e.g. welding, brazing
  • Install and configure programs for hardware and software components 



  • Work systematically (Plan-Do-Check-Act)
  • Analyze problems for effective troubleshooting
  • Effectively plan and verify work processes while checking and evaluating results
  • Work safely, understand appropriate precautions and us PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) correctly
  • Quality Management
  • Communicate effectively



  • Applicants must be at least 18 years of age
  • Have a high school diploma or GED by the start of the program
  • Must be eligible to work in the US
  • Technical College placement test scores must fall within an acceptable range

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