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Industry 4.0: Focus on production processes
Preprocessing: FLC brings additional data to sensors and fieldbus modules
Integration into established clouds
Customized cloud solutions for B2B
Individual applications in the cloud
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1. Industry 4.0: Focus on production processes

Industry 4.0: Focus on production processes

Your user data is always available on different channels. With Turck Cloud Solutions you create the "digital shadow" of your machine based on your analyzed data.

Special features:

  • Continuous optimization through independent further development of your machine functions.
  • Complete history of your plants

Your benefit:

  • Continuous expansion of cloud computing capabilities
  • Efficient plant monitoring
  • Fast fault diagnostics
  • Alarm functions via e-mail and SMS

2. Preprocessing: FLC brings additional data to sensors and fieldbus modules

Preprocessing: FLC brings additional data to sensors and fieldbus modules

The Field Logic Controller (FLC) functionality allows you to preprocess your data directly in the fieldbus modules using the ARGEE web-based programming environment.

Special features:

  • Monitoring of wear and ageing phenomena
  • Many machine performance indicators
  • Plagiarism protection and spare parts ordering
  • No additional load on the control unit

Your advantage:

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Fast remote diagnostics
  • Increased efficiency
  • Increase of plant availability

3. Integration into established clouds

Integration into established clouds

You already have a cloud solution, but are looking for an intelligent and flexible cloud connection without additional effort? Turck Cloud Solutions and Turck products can be perfectly integrated into your existing cloud system.

Special features:

  • High security through TLS-encrypted protocol Kolibri
  • Additional cloud connections possible at any time
  • Future-proof solutions from Turck

Your advantage:

  • Simple and flexible integration of the systems at the customer's site
  • No barriers, open and minimalist standards
  • Permanent investment protection

4. Customized cloud solutions for B2B

Customized Cloud Solutions for B2B - On-Premises or as Software as a Service (SaaS)

Turck Cloud Solutions is the individual cloud solution for Industry 4.0. Monitor and control your applications either as a cloud service (SaaS) or with an intelligent on-premises solution. Your system data is available worldwide at any time on tablet, smartphone, or desktop.

Special features:

  • Entry-level solution, modular and expandable
  • Service and support for hardware and cloud from a single source
  • Access to machine data is independent of device, time, and location

Your advantage:

  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • High flexibility and performance
  • Increase machine productivity and machine availability

5. Individual applications in the cloud

Individual applications in the cloud

Whether you need processes optimization, industry-specific models, service or maintenance, you can keep track of machine data in the cloud. It is easily integrated into your plant and can be tailored to your needs, expanding as your needs grow.

Special features:

  • Immediately usable functions for further expansion
  • Customer-specific additions by the user
  • Smart solutions for factory and process automation

Your advantage:

  • Quick and easy entry into cloud applications
  • Tested and continuously further developed functions
  • Competitive advantages through specially developed functions

Flexible cloud-based services for the industry

Monitor the worldwide production processes of machines and plants at any time, on all end devices. Customizable dashboards show what is important to you, your business, and your production.


Benefit from your data! Long-term analyses and predictive maintenance can be optimally implemented with Turck Cloud Solutions. In this way you benefit from the data evaluations of your machines and plants and can recognize conclusions or anomalies.

Safety first

Data security in the cloud is the highest priority for us. Your data is intended only for your use and your requirements. Turck relies on proven security standards and additional encryption.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

In the most convenient variant, Software as a Service (SaaS), you can host the cloud directly from Turck. Benefit from the high availability of your data and use the automatically scaled system performance of the cloud.

Cloud on Premises (Platform as a Service - PaaS)

Do you want to host your machine data in your own data center or on premises? Simply establish local connections with production and your own server in a private cloud.

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