Turck Acquires U Grok It's Smartphone RFID Technology

Minneapolis, MN - May 5, 2017

To expand the RFID solutions available to its customers, Turck Inc. has acquired U Grok It’s Smartphone RFID technology and product line. With this asset acquisition, Turck broadens its RFID product portfolio to meet the growing demand for easy to use and cost-effective RFID readers.

Turck licensed U Grok It’s technology for its PD-IDENT handheld reader (Turck part number: PD-IDENT-UHF-RUG-MOBILE-860-960) in 2016, allowing customers to use their iOS and Android devices to track, control, and manage RFID applications. By investing in this technology, Turck continues to support the platform and development tools for both Turck and U Grok It customers.

“The Smartphone RFID technology expands Turck’s presence in RFID by leveraging the power and benefits of RFID with an efficient and affordable reader,” said Chris Vitale, director of fieldbus technology at Turck. “This is a great enhancement to our RFID offering, and gives us a base for further handheld expansion.”

Staff from U Grok It will continue to offer technical and application support for customers during the transition.

“We are excited about the potential the U Grok It concept has under Turck’s leadership,” said Carrie Requist, U Grok It co-founder and CEO. “Turck’s vision for the future, existing customer base, and support resources will enable Smartphone RFID to scale faster – which will provide non-industrial/commercial businesses access to the benefits of RAIN RFID.”

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