Final Assembly – RFID Solution for Fully Automated Diagnosis of Leaks

UHF RFID technology detects leaks in vehicle bodies

During final inspection, new cars are put through a sprinkler system and checked for leaks.

The fully automated system solution from Turck is based on UHF RFID technology and detects any leaks in a vehicle's body without manual intervention. To do this, self-adhesive data carriers are attached to the body of the vehicle in all relevant places. These data carriers respond to moisture by changing their impedance. RFID gates located before and after the sprinkler read all data carriers. The system compares the values and reports errors directly to the user's MES system.


  • This system solution ensures that leaks in cars are diagnosed with 100% accuracy
  • The passive UHF RFID sensor tag can be attached to the metal itself and can be read even in difficult-to-access locations
  • The sensor tag can remain in the car for the entire duration of its service life and can be read at any time
  • Various data carrier variants in compact 21.5 x 73-mm format and with different extension bars

  • Downstream from the sprinkler system, the second RFID gate reads the data carriers

  • The sensor data carrier from Smartrac adjusts its impedance if it becomes damp

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