Power Distribution Stations

Reliable power distribution stations designed to withstand the most demanding industrial applications. Ensure clean and reliable power is supplied to your industrial machines and equipment. 

AC Power Distribution Station

Deliver power where and when you need it with Turck. Clean connectorized solution ties into facility power and distributes AC power to a DC power distribution station, AC outlet boxes or other AC powered devices. 

  • Stand-alone device that distributes AC power among other components
  • Side defeater for quick and easy access to the station
  • 120VAC and 480VAC versions
  • Customization available

DC Power Distribution Station

Power up your critical applications with a DC power distribution station. This PDS provides DC power to a work cell for controller, sensors and hubs, etc. Housed in a factory-assembled, industrial enclosure that is complete with rugged connectors for quick installation. 

  • All-in-one station that offers easy installation and clean power distribution
  • Connectorized for multiple DC component connections
  • Monitor and control individual branch circuits
  • Customization available

AC Outlet Box

Simplify outlet box installation and use in manufacturing work cells. Power lighting, tools, laptops, and more. Standard or ground fault receptacle options.

  • Easy installation and quick power access
  • Duplex and quad versions available
  • 15A or 20A output options
  • Customization is available

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