Industry 4.0

What is Industry 4.0?

The term "Industry 4.0" describes the current industrial revolution. In practice it is more of an evolution than a revolution. Business and value creation processes are becoming ever more closely linked and increasingly automated. Industry 4.0 resolves the dichotomy between customized products and mass production. For this to happen, commercial, logistics, and production processes have to be closely interlinked.

IIoT, industrial internet of things, what is iiot

Industry 4.0 Overview (click to enlarge)

Although Industry 4.0 is often portrayed as a blueprint for factories of the future, intelligent applications which allow for customizable, highly flexible production have long since been a reality.

Turck will support you on the path to the fourth industrial revolution with innovative solutions to acquire, condition, and transfer relevant production data.

Key Technology

Whether RFID, IO-link, or Ethernet – as a specialist in the key technologies of Industry 4.0, Turck paves the way to the intelligent future factory for you.


With the RFID system BL ident Turck has implemented solutions for flexible control of production processes, but also for the spare parts/service business, piracy protection or serialization. Together with the IP67 I/O PLC modules from Turck you have available robust solutions with distributed intelligence for data processing or for control tasks.

IO-Link, iiot, industrial internet of things


Turck offers one of the most comprehensive portfolios of IO-Link solutions, ranging from numerous sensor and connection technologies to fieldbus and Ethernet I/O systems with IO-Link. Benefit from intelligent data acquisition and communication solutions in a single source!


Ethernet is the standard for communication, not only in the IT world, but also in the industrial environment. Turck offers especially user-friendly solutions, such as the multiprotocol technology that supports the automatic use of I/O systems in the Ethernet protocols of PROFINET, Modbus TCP and EtherNet/IP.


OPC-UA is the world's next standard for integrative communication across all levels of the automation pyramid. In close cooperation with science and industry, Turck participated in the development of the standard and has already implemented it into several products.

OPC-UA, iiot, industrial internet of things

Industry 4.0 increases the availability of machines and plants

  • Condition monitoring allows preventive maintenance without unplanned outages, required spare parts can be planned and ordered in time

Better quality assurance up to the end user

  • Automated quality assurance processes reduce erroneous deliveries
  • Data acquisition and processing guarantee traceability and optimized production processes

More efficient production in small quantities

  • Faster changeover times for new product versions, realized by sensors that receive their new identity/function through a main control

  • Increased efficiency through interdisciplinary communication, if e.g. information on capabilities is directly transferred to production planning.

  • Energy efficiency through better utilization and fewer rejects thanks to optimized production



Industrial Internet of Things

Follow these links to find your Industry 4.0 products in our database.

TX500 – HMI with CODESYS 3 PLC

User benefits: Distributed intelligence with simple integration for control tasks directly on the machine or plant

TBEN-PLC – Block I/Os with CODESYS 3 PLC

User benefits: Distributed intelligence with simple integration for control tasks directly on the machine or plant

TBEN-DCC – RFID Module with Integrated Middleware

User benefits: Direct communication with higher-level ERP or MES systems via Ethernet TCP/IP

ARGEE – PLC Functionality for Multiprotocol I/O Modules

User benefits: Programming of basic functions without any knowledge of a programming language made simple.

TBEN – Multiprotocol Ethernet I/O solutions in IP67

User benefits: easy integration into systems and diagnostic functions via integrated web servers

IM(X)12-CCM – Condition monitoring for control cabinets

User benefits: Recognizes potential sources of error for preventive maintenance, thus avoiding unplanned shutdowns

IO-Link Products

User benefits: fast device replacement, flexible and reliable application through comprehensive configuration and diagnostic options

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