Municipal utility companies use Turck's IMX12-CCM cabinet guard to monitor control cabinets, and protect systems from manipulation and unauthorized access

Operators of critical infrastructure systems such as gas, electricity, and water, are legally required to protect their information technology (IT) systems from manipulation and unauthorized access. One of the most reliable and easy-to-install solutions is Turck's IMX12-CCM cabinet guard. This compact rail-mounted control cabinet guard is designed to monitor the door closure and can easily be installed in less time than it takes to install a conventional door lock.

  • Installing an IMX12-CCM Cabinet Guard takes less time than it takes to install a conventional door lock

  • Rudolf Spadinger, SVS municipal utility company

Increased security requirements for utility companies 

Gas or electricity plants are categorized as Critical Information Infrastructure Security (CRISTIS) installations, and are subject to special security requirements. They must provide a high-level of security for their plants and IT systems. 

Fast installation of the cabinet guard on the DIN rail

Installing an IMX12-CCM is quick and easy. Simply fit the cabinet guard device on the DIN rail and link it to a controller. Every opening of the control cabinet is tracked in the control center, and coworkers can verify whether openings were authorized. 

Door closure, air humidity, and temperature monitoring in a single device

The IMX12-CCM features an optical sensor for monitoring the door closure, as well as two integrated sensors: a temperature sensor and an air humidity sensor. 

Records pressure, temperature, and volume

Thanks to an integrated real-time clock, the IMX12-CCM can time-stamp and store event data with its onboard data logger. To protect circuits from overheating, the cabinet guard can also communicate defined pressure, temperature and volume limits that are exceeding values to PLCs or control systems via IO-Link.

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