RFID Systems

Turck can design an RFID system that fits your needs. Turck has partnered with Vilant Systems, a leading RFID integrator, to strengthen its range of RFID software, systems and services. Now customers have access to a wider range of RFID solutions through Turck Vilant Systems. 

From defining your processes to helping with the correct tag selection – Turck Vilant’s RFID experts are there for you. We start by conducting a site survey followed by our 5 step model to success. When implemented, keep your RFID system running smoothly with one of our optional support contracts. 

Whether you are implementing equipment asset tracking, loading and shipment verification or monitoring material consumption, Turck can engineer a cost-effective solution.


Improve inventory tracking and management and gain more visibility to material consumption with Turck Vilant’s turnkey UHF RFID Gate system. Mounted over a warehouse dock door frame or within a factory, items going through gate are captured and recorded into the customer’s ERP system or into a cloud server. To eliminate the possibility for stray reads when multiple dock doors and gates are next to one another, Turck Vilant has developed advanced algorithms based on signal characteristics so read accuracy is ensured. 


  • Eliminate stray reads for more accurate data capture - even at a distance
  • Ready-to-use components for all typical RFID applications
  • Enterprise and factory level monitoring
  • Software is 100% device independent

RFID-Enabled Forklift

Our smart RFID Forklift System can be installed on nearly any type of forklift to make tracking inventory through the warehouse easy. No matter if users are moving pallets of goods or a single high-value asset, a smart RFID system knows what the forklift is transporting at all times. And as the forklifts move through the warehouse or DC, movement from one part of the facility to another can easily be tracked.


  • Non-contact solution – reduces manual tasks, increases efficiency and eliminates human error
  • Easy retrofit installation on most forklift types
  • Integration into existing ERP for enterprise and factory level monitoring
  • Device independent software that can be run on multiple tablets, handhelds, readers and panel PCs
  • Keeps record of all warehouse transfers made with forklifts
  • Stray read filter ensures accuracy
  • Logs all RFID asset movement for product or batch history

RFID Stockroom

Located at your site, the Turck UHF RFID Stockroom is an innovative vendor-managed storage area that is open 24/7 with no staffing needed. A variety of products can be stored and sold in the Turck RFID Stockroom, including frequently used components, spare parts, tools, raw materials, equipment and work wear.

Products purchased or rented from the Stockroom are automatically scanned by UHF RFID. The RFID Stockroom manages your users, your SKUs, your inventory and your locations. It also offers data about usage as well as invoicing data.


  • Open 24/7
  • Fully automated use, no staffing needed
  • Never out-of-stock thanks to 100% transparency 
  • Your customer has zero capital tied to stock 
  • Automatic replenishment of orders
  • Increased sales due to availability and ease-of   service

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