Field Stations

Track performance of mission-critical machines and systems with reliable real-time monitoring on machine-mounted field stations. Consolidate networking of multiple devices and boost process control.

Modular Stations

Reliable, modular on-machine programmable gateways with rugged BL67 solutions. Any combination of gateway and I/O modules provide the user an application-optimized design. System can include the mounting plate, DC power supply, Ethernet switch, tags, labels and Turck connectivity.

  • Ready-to-mount station reduces installation time
  • Offers a combination of I/O for most system needs
  • Choose from numerous fieldbus and Ethernet protocols
  • Range of modules allow I/O connection to virtually any signal

Weld Water Control Station

Improve your ability to monitor robotic welding applications and protect the welder from overheating. This easy-to-integrate station uses IO-Link to provide more insight via remote monitoring of process parameters and application status. The station consists of a water valve, a pneumatic regulator, pressure switch and Multiprotocol IO-Link block.

  • Helps prevent welder from overheating
  • Uses IO-Link to provide fast, remote monitoring of the station via Ethernet
  • Provides protection from overheating
  • Several pre-engineered variants available

Block Station

Machine-mounted fieldbus block I/O for distributing control at the point of use. This system can include the mounting plate, DC power supply, Ethernet switch, tags, labels and Turck connectivity. It is ready to mount out of the box.

  • Ready-to-mount block station reduces installation time
  • Station provides distributed control to fieldbus system
  • Includes rugged connectivity solutions for more reliable use

Safety Run-Bar Station

Turck's Safety run-bar utilizes our Hybrid Safety I/O modules to provide a networkable field station. This combines safe and non-safe signals into a single network and feeds it to the main control system.

  • Uses Turck’s Hybrid Safety I/O modules to meet customer safety requirements
  • Station can be populated with E-stops, gate switches and OSSD devices such as safety light curtains
  • Meets up to SIL 3/PL d

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