Detection of Pipe Elbows

With high switching distances, uprox+ sensors minimize the risk of mechanical damage

A very simple and efficient way to ensure the correct position of a pipe elbow is to attach an actuator at the elbow and detect its position with an inductive sensor for each possible elbow position.

The greatest danger for these sensors is the mechanical damage caused by the operator during mounting. This risk significantly increases over time as the seals wear, causing the actuator to move closer to the sensor. 
Due to their especially large switching distance, Uprox+ sensors provide an extra safety distance that avoids sensing problems.

Your Benefits

  • The inductive Uprox+ WD sensors reliably detect pipe elbows at pipe manifolds and thus ensure high system availability
  • Secure functioning due to extra-large switching distances, even with worn seals
  • High tightness and resistance to chemicals
  • Suitable for use up to Ex Zone 1

  • Transfer panel for beverages

  • Inductive sensing of the pipe elbow

  • Inductive Sensor BI15U-EM30WD-AP6X

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