Connecting an Excom® station to an Ethernet fieldbus enables data-driven process optimization for retrofitting

When control or I/O components in processing plants are aging, failing, or discontinued, a partial or complete retrofit of the control system may be required. However, space in the Instrumentation and Control (I&C) room can be limited. As a result, new systems need to take up less space than the existing ones and need to offer increased functionality. 

If plant I/O and/or explosion isolation devices must be replaced, it is advisable to use an I/O system that includes explosion isolation such as Turck’s Excom® I/O system. The Excom I/O system can save space and has superior component density compared to systems with a separate explosion isolation. Up to 960 signals can be processed in a standard control cabinet that is fully equipped with five Excom I/O systems.  

Your Benefits

  • Fast commissioning thanks to pre-wired control cabinets and external Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)
  • Huge space savings compared to systems with separate explosion isolation
  • Digital process optimization possible through parallel data access via Ethernet
  • Standardized operating logic in one system for all zones

  • There is usually little space in I&C rooms

  • Five Excom racks in a standard control cabinet can connect up to 960 signals

  • Installing Excom pre-assembled control cabinets is fast

IIoT-ready with excom Ethernet

When plants are updated, an Ethernet-based I/O system should be used. Excom’s Ethernet gateway offers parallel access to field-level data and analysis reporting data for monitoring, diagnostics, or optimization purposes in external systems. The system also ensures that access to this data is read-only. This means the control system and the processes themselves remain protected from unauthorized access. 

Quick installation thanks to external FAT 

For retrofit projects, it is crucial that the installation in the plant can be carried out as quickly as possible. In this case, the advantage of the Excom I/O system is that the necessary factory acceptance test (FAT) can be carried out at Turck. Special marshaling panels or system connectors are also pre-wired by Turck if necessary, so that the time available can be used for the site acceptance test during commissioning in the I&C room.

One system, one logic

operating logic, as well as the same GSDML or EDS file and a DTM. This means that workers only need to learn how to use one logic and one user interface to operate the system. This allows the flexible use of technical personnel in many plant areas.

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