IO-Link, IO Link sensor

Efficient Processes

  • Exhaustive parameterization options for just-in-time parameter changes to devices
  • Efficient processes requiring different parameter sets for switching thresholds, gain, sensitivity and so forth due to differing production conditions
  • Faster tool change operations

IO-Link Reduces Machine Costs

  • Reduced inventory due to intelligent multi-purpose devices
  • Only one I/O module and one inexpensive standard cable required
  • Reduced I/O footprint
  • Displays and switches no longer required on devices
  • Reduced engineering and assembly costs and automatic documentation of device parameters during the engineering phase


IO-Link, IO Link sensor
IO-Link, IO Link sensor

Improved Machine Availability

  • Comprehensive status information and diagnostic capabilities in the plant lead to drastically reduced machine downtime
  • Enhanced information enables cost saving mechanisms such as predictive maintenance or asset management to be easily
  • Device replacement without manual intervention to parameterize the new unit alleviates the need for qualified personnel



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