Ex Isolation in Modular Process Plants

IMXK interface devices can be installed in compact control box on process modules and transmit signals from intrinsically safe field devices

Modular plant concepts are being used more and more by companies in the process industry in order to reduce time to market and keep their plants agile. The modules are encased in a steel frame with the external dimensions of the standard ISO container. These modules are known as super skids. They are easy to transport and allow plant operators to react flexibly when faced with local fluctuations in demand. Production in modular plants can also be scaled more effectively than in other plants.

However, the challenge for plant designers is to find a way of safely installing all of the necessary automation components and ensuring that they can be easily accessed, while also working with limited space. This is where smaller control boxes are an ideal solution. These protective enclosures are often considerably flatter than those of standard control cabinets. 

Your Benefits

  • Depth of just 77 millimeters facilitates installation in compact control boxes and small enclosures
  • High level of safety in functionally safe circuits up to SIL2
  • Worldwide approvals facilitate dynamic global production scenarios
  • Market-leading precision, speed and temperature stability ensure investment security

  • The process modules with the ISO container design are easy to transport

  • Small housings are often installed in the narrow process modules

  • With a depth of just 77 millimeters, IMXK devices also fit in compact control boxes

IMXK interface devices from Turck measure just 77 millimeters in depth and can fit in flat control panels up to Zone 2. The devices are designed to be connected to suitable sensors and actuators, mounted in areas up to Zone 0 and used in functional safety circuits up to SIL2.

Global Approvals for Global Flexibility 

The potential for reorganizing production capacities in modular process plants offers greater flexibility for pharmaceutical manufacturers and producers of fine chemicals. The IMXK12 family of devices is approved for use in the key markets and is therefore ideally suited for global production (ATEX, IECEx, NEPSI, cULus, INMETRO, Kosha, TIIS, TR CU). The flexibility of the modules is further enhanced by the wide input voltage range of 10–30 VDC which allows the modules to be operated with a solar-based power supply or on mobile vehicles with an on-board power supply.

Extensive Portfolio of Interface Technology
Isolating switching amplifiers (IMXK12-DI), solenoid drivers (IMXK12-DO) and isolating transducers for analog input and output signals (IMXK12-AI, IMXK12-AO) complete this portfolio of interface technology products in a compact design.

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