Access Control for Protected Areas

Stand-alone RFID system reliably protects against unauthorized access to secure areas.

In many production and logistics environments, there are areas or cabinets which require security measures to authorize access. For low and medium levels of security, cylinder locks are often used but a separate key may be required for each lock.

Cost-effective door control

A more cost-effective and efficient way to provide the same level of security is utilizing an IO-Link read/write device like Turck’s SLIX2 with password protection and a Single-Input/Output (SIO) mode. A dedicated password is written to the chip on the SLIX2 stand-alone Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) reader and tag, and the IO-Link reader. If the password on the RFID tag is the same as the one in the IO-Link reader at the time the tag is presented, then the IO-Link reader operates in SIO mode with a maximum switching output of 200 mA. The password protected feature of the SLX2 also ensures that tags cannot be duplicated without knowing the password.

Your Benefits

  • Cost-effective solution - no need for a controller or an interface
  • Increased level of security for sensitive areas
  • Easy retrofitting - only requirement is a power supply 
  • Fast installation thanks to IP67 without control box

  • If the password on the tag matches the password stored in the reader, the lock is released.

  • The tag can only be read if the password is correct

  • Increased level of security thanks to RFID access control

Autonomous solution without PLC or interface

The application is easy to retrofit, as the read/write device does not require an interface, an IO-Link master or even a PLC. The reader simply requires a power supply to release a relay or a door locking device via its switching output. The three IO-Link readers TN-M18-IOL2, TN-M30-IOL2 and TN-Q40-IOL2 can each be used for access control. 

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