Full Range Turck Packaging Solutions

  • A servo-driven system delivers a throughput of up to 35 cases per minute printed, erected and sealed

  • Turck Profibus AIM stations are used for I/O acquisition and control

  • A custom-built encoder with a d-sub connector was designed for Pro Pack‘s new machine

  • BL20 I/O systems installed within the subassembly give users control and diagnostics on the machine

Pro Pack Systems, Inc. in Salinas, California, designs and builds custom case erectors and packers for manufacturers across many sectors. Their latest packaging machine, the Pro Print/EBS-HS-2, includes technology to turn their concept of a flexible packaging and printing solution into a reality. 

To ensure safe operation in harsh environments, the Pro Pack engineers trust in Turck IP67 rated proximity sensors, pressure sensors, cables, and BL20 I/O stations.

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