Turck has long been a supplier of engineered solutions for all application challenges, and our training team is here to help you get the most out of your automation solutions. To inquire about a training session, please contact us and we can schedule training from the modules below or create a customized training session to help with your specific needs. Work with Turck for innovative, educational training solutions that optimize your fully integrated automation environment. 


Training Classes

Connectivity Basics - This training uses cable portfolios and connector key chains to demonstrate the basics of cable jackets, cable materials, which connectors are best suited for various environments, etc. The connector key chains highlight the differences between front and rear mount receptacles in M8, M12, 1/2" and 7/8” sizes as well as the keyways (where each type is used), voltage and environmental ratings. Turck part number discussions are included throughout the module.

PACTware Labs – Offline (without hardware) and online (with hardware) training labs showing the configuration and planning tool.

RFID Training – Discussion of technology: what it is, where it is used, and the difference between HF and UHF. We will also demonstrate how to determine the necessary read range for your application and which products and protocols are supported. Application examples from current Turck customers will also be shared. This session can occur as a technology-based discussion or a product-based discussion.

Point vs. Absolute Sensing – This training covers basic information about inductive, capacitive, linear and rotary sensing. However, it centers around the technology used rather than specific products. We will discuss the industry trend of moving from point (discrete) sensing to absolute (continuous) sensing.

CODESYS Labs - Offline (no hardware) and online (with hardware) step-by-step basic programming, showing CODESYS as a manufacturer of independent, multi-lingual tools.


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