Monitoring of Caps in Filling Lines

Rectangular uprox+ sensors reliably detect bottle caps

Between high-speed overrun, different types of metals, high demands on tightness, and mechanical robustness, the reliable detection of bottle caps can be a very challenging task for inductive sensors.  

Turck's Uprox+ sensors with the one-piece rectangular housing (design QT42) in protection class IP69K have been developed specifically for these demanding applications, with a retroreflective element to indicate the presence of bottles as a trigger.

Your Benefits

  • Uprox+ reliably avoids wrong deliveries by detecting crowns and twist-off caps on bottles
  • Non-ferrous metals are detected at large distances
  • Made for use in beverage filling lines, due to the extremely short response time

  • Inductive proximity switch in rectangular form: Ni50U-Q42TWD-VP6X-H1141

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