Decentralized Control of Valve Interfaces

IO-Link master module with PROFINET S2 system redundancy control actuators on a bioreactor

Biopharmaceuticals are the end products of highly sensitive upstream and downstream processes. Reliable controls and field devices are essential and need to integrate into process automation and increasingly enable data intensive Ethernet communication. Turck's TBEN-L5-8IOL IO-Link master combines rugged design, IO-Link capability and PROFINET S2 system redundancy in a single device. It can establish communication to the primary controller as well as its backup and acts as a link between the controller and IO-Link devices.

Your Benefits

  • Saves time and money thanks to reduced cabling and easy IO-Link integration
  • Simplifies the predictive maintenance of plants with IO-Link and monitoring API  
  • Leverages Ethernet via PROFINET in high availability systems

  • With its high protection, the IO module can be mounted in the direct machine vicinity

  • The TBEN-L can connect eight IO-Link devices with redundant PROFINET controllers

  • The TBEN-L5-8IOL is the first IP67 IO-Link master with PROFINET S2 system redundancy

Time saving thanks to IP67 protection

In hazardous areas (class 1, division 2) the IO module is mounted in the direct vicinity of fermenters. It connects IO-Link valve controllers from GEMU. Due to the short time frame available for the implementation of pharmaceutical projects, the protection classes of the multiprotocol ethernet module are a benefit. With IP67 and IP69K, mounting in a control cabinet is unnecessary and using pre-assembled cables saves a lot of time.

Condition monitoring with IO-Link 

The IO-Link wiring concept makes it an important information channel, and the device installation is easy. Both data and the power supply are transferred via an unshielded cable. With the exception of PROFINET communication, all industrial Ethernet modules from Turck support read access to device data. SCADA control and cloud systems can query additional device information from the field without increasing the load on the controller. This includes for example, the status and the switch cycles of a valve or the values of a pressure sensor. This is implemented with a monitoring interface which supports end-to-end digital communication.

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