Configurable Stations

Reduce wiring and installation cost by utilizing a pre-wired and networkable station. Stations are configurable and can include touch screens, push-buttons, indicator lights and programmable controllers.

BL I/O Station

This modular station is versatile due to its flexibility. Multiple gateway and I/O configurations provide the user an application-optimized system design. Numerous gateways are offered in serial and Ethernet protocols. Multiple I/O modules allow connection to virtually any signal. The ready-to-mount system can include the enclosure, DC power supply and other options.

  • Comes in several variants based on I/O count for all system needs
  • Serial and Ethernet protocols offered
  • Can come fully connectorized to provide quick and easy system connections

Control Station

Oversee critical processes within your plant such as trends, status, event monitoring and much more with a control station. Easily access dashboards and process overviews with the touch of the screen. Comes in an engineered, pre-wired package for visualization and control. Station can include: the metal enclosure, AC or DC power input, HMI, controller and I/O.

  • Monitor status, events and other trends throughout the system
  • Simple dashboard for easy use
  • Several variants available based on size of TX HMI screens

Field Logic Controller Station

Eliminates the need for a PLC in less complex applications. Its web-based programming environment allows users to set conditions and actions directly at the field level. Users are able to write, run, simulate, debug, and monitor code, all without requiring the use of a PLC. The station can include: the enclosure, AC or DC power input, HMI, FLC, all wired, ready to mount, and connect via Turck connectivity.

  • Provides the same support as a Control Station for less complex applications
  • Connectorized for easy power and I/O connection
  • Several variants available based on I/O required

Operator Station

Provides a neat and orderly method of reducing wiring on a machine or in a work cell. The use of networks such as Ethernet, ASi or IO-Link not only cut back on wiring, but also reduces the number of physical inputs needed in the main control panel. Stations can include Safety with optional E-stops and pilot lights.

  • Offers several variants based on network protocols
  • On-the-spot station that allows the customer control of part of the machine or work cell
  • Operator stations can come with either 22 mm or 30 mm push-buttons, selector switches and pilot lights.

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