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In biogas upgrading plants of Purac Puregas, Turck’s I/O-system excom enables convenient maintenance directly in Zone 1

  • In the hazardous CApure room the BL67 is connecting all sensors to the Profibus

  • Through the window in the metal cabinet all status LED are visible directly in the compressor room

  • With a temperature range up to -40 °C Turck’s BL67 I/O system resists even Swedish winters

  • The whole biogas plant consists of three modules

Turck recently introduced its remote I/O system excom to Purac Puregas. Unlike the system that was currently in use, excom can be mounted directly in Zone 1. Additionally, the excom status LEDs are easily visible through the window of the stainless steel box that the excom is mounted in. The electrical staff of the local waste company, for example, can now easily identify potential problems. If necessary, the customer can get simple remote support by simply calling Purac Puregas and describing the LED status or the diagnostic message.

According to Anders Rosengren, senior electrical engineer at Purac Puregas, the easy maintenance of excom was the major reason for the system change: “The well visible LEDs and the easier maintenance through hot swap in run were our main reasons for excom. Besides that, excom matches aesthetically. We try to build everything in stainless steel. With its designated stainless steel housing, excom fits like a hand in a glove.”

BL67 withstands winters

During the project, Purac Puregas found other solutions in the Turck portfolio to enhance their gas plant. In the outdoor parts of the plant at the CO2-absorption tower, a fieldbus system connects several valve indicators to the Profibus of the PLC. Turck’s modular fieldbus I/O system BL67, with a temperature range down to -40 °C, can be used outdoors even in harsh Swedish winters. The Profibus is connected to the PLC via the same node as excom, while the Turck segment couplers SC12 provide the intrinsically safe Profibus. The direct outdoor mounting of the BL67 saves Purac Puregas the construction of a preheated control cabinet, and that accounts for the energy efficiency of the gas plant as the preheaters would use energy themselves.

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