Application Engineer - Plymouth, MN

June 25, 2021

Application Engineer

Regular Full-Time

Minneapolis, MN, US



Provide technical support to TURCK reps, distributors, customers, and potential customers by mean of providing solutions and selection of product to best fulfill their needs.  


The job requires a 4-year college degree or equivalent in experience, with background in mechanical, electrical and automation controls.  Experience within those three is a plus and communication skills and interpersonal skills for the phone is a must.  


1.    Answering phones and providing support and giving technical information to those who request it.  Follow up on potential sales calls and try to work with potential customers.

2.    Cross Referencing-Time spent crossing both short and sometimes very large lists of competitive part numbers to TURCK numbers.

3.    General researching and tasks handed over to us from others.

4.    Participate in the Application Speaks program after sufficient training.

5.    Attend mandatory product training as scheduled through Corporate Training (Sales).

6.    Work closely with the REPS and Distributors as well as the product groups to identify and satisfy potential customers by selecting and qualifying applications that will lead to sales for the group.

7.    Learn the products and become an expert in all product areas to the point where creative recommendations can be made to REPs, Distributors, or prospects via the phone.

8.    Forward recommendations to customers with prints and technical data in order to prove to the prospect that Turck is a professional organization with the right solution.

9.    Perform other related duties as assigned.

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