Manufacturing Development Technician-Harness - Rogers, MN

May 2, 2022


Two-year technical degree and a minimum of 3 years experience required.  Has demonstrated strong and consistent performance in the level I technician work, takes initiative and can independently handle moderately complex projects. A strong understanding of electronic and mechanical skills is needed.  Experience with MS Office, particularly Excel, Outlook and Word required. Experience with SAP and writing Engineering Change Requests (ECRs) preferred. Most possess good people and communication skills and have the ability to be a self-starter and handle multiple tasks.



Works with Manufacturing Engineers, Product Managers, R & D, Quality Assurance, Production Supervisors, Lead Assemblers, Advanced Assemblers, Assemblers and Machine Operators through training, testing, and development of new and existing products, finding solutions and troubleshooting problems to help production to run more efficiently and smoothly and provide a better quality of product. Work assignments are varied, and of moderate scope and complexity. Supervision received is limited.



Perform functions to provide technical support in the design, testing and development of new and existing products, test systems and procedures.  



  1. Evaluate and control all aspects of new Item Development and Sample related requests.  This includes making suggestions to Product Management and Project Engineers about required design/documentation changes to requests, so the products are feasible for production and for the customer.
  2.  Request and record tooling for new Item Development and Sample related products.  This could include recording notes for required tools on samples or working with the tool designers to design and order very simple fixtures for new Item Development items.
  3. Work with Turck Mexico to evaluate work instructions, tooling and processes for Samples, new Item Development and Production related projects.  This includes the evaluation of all production related tooling to see if the tooling exists and works for the requested products.
  4. Control many aspects of the work instructions so all new Item Development, Sample and Production related products are properly documented.  This includes working with Drafting, Master Data and Manufacturing Development Engineering.  
  5. Perform basic time studies for new Item Development, Sample and Production related projects.
  6. Train, assist and support Production on new equipment and tooling.  Recommend improvements and methods to improve procedures and product.  Answer technical questions regarding production methods and work instructions.
  7. Process tasks for Engineering Change Orders (ECO) and evaluate the details of the ECO.  This includes making suggestions to Manufacturing Development Engineers and working directly with Master Data to complete all related tasks on the ECO.
  8. Occasionally write ECOs.  This would include detailing all aspects of why an ECO is needed and determining the course of action for related products and communicating these tasks to all necessary groups. 
  9. Occasionally work with Manufacturing Development Engineering to evaluate feasibility of design and tooling for new project related items.  
  10. Understand basic operations of all Automated and Semi-Automated Machines (Cutting Machines, Crimping Machines, Molding Machines, etc.) on the production floor.
  11. Answer technical questions regarding raw materials.
  12. Perform other duties as assigned



Work is done both in an office setting and throughout the Manufacturing facilities.  Somewhat undesirable working conditions with exposure to solder fumes and noise, no element continuously present to the extent of being disagreeable. Must wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in designated areas. 

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