Deutsch DT Connectors for Mobile Equipment

Minneapolis, MN

To reduce installation time and increase reliability of Deutsch connectors, Turck has developed a Deutsch DT series of overmolded connectors for the mobile equipment industry. The overmolded connectors ensure longevity in demanding environments where shock, vibration, cold temperatures, moisture, and oils can affect performance.

Deutsch connectors are widely used in the heavy equipment sector, and Turck developed a full line of DT connectors to address the environmental needs of the industry. The overmolded design, TPE jacketing, and IP67 rating provide additional reinforcement, oil resistance, and superior performance in a ready-to-use solution. The connectors are ideal for wiring harness assemblies in vehicles, agricultural, and construction equipment, or any application which requires a cost-effective quick disconnect solution.

“Turck’s history in overmolding connectors, coupled with our vast knowledge of designing jacketed cables, provided a natural opportunity to improve an industry standard,” said April Ankrum, Senior Product Manager for Turck. “The Deutsch DT overmolded series is completely customizable with options for different jacket types, overmold colors, and wiring configurations.”

The connectors feature a fully encapsulated rugged overmold which is IP67 rated. The cable performs well in low temperatures with a -40 °C cold bend rating, is sunlight resistant, and also Oil Res II rated. 


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