New TBEN-S-RFID interface is rugged, compact, and IP67 rated

Minneapolis, MN - May 3, 2017

To meet the ever-shrinking dimensional needs of devices on the factory floor, Turck has developed a compact TBEN-S-RFID interface with an IP67 rating.

The multiprotocol devices bring data from RFID read/write heads in the HF and UHF frequency band to the controller, via PROFINET, EtherNet/IP or Modbus TCP. Due to their ability to connect actuators and sensors to RFID read/write heads simultaneously, the block modules are ideal for retrofitting RFID applications. Additionally, thanks to their high degree of protection, cabinets are unnecessary and keep the wiring effort at a minimum, saving users time and money.

“The new TBEN-S-RFID interface offers our customers the perfect combination of our long-standing RFID interfaces,” said Don Eichman, Product Manager. “The advanced features of our RFID-A module and the simplistic integration of our RFID-S module are now wrapped up in one rugged and versatile little package.”

The ultra-compact TBEN-S-RFID module eliminates complex PLC integration with its conventionally mapped RFID data. In addition to two RFID ports, the TBEN-S offers four configurable digital I/O points for external devices. Despite its compact design, with a width of only 32 mm, the TBEN-S-RFID interface offers highly efficient performance. The detection of over 100 UHF tags can be carried out just as quickly and easily as the reading and writing of 8-kilobyte HF tags. The power supply and network connection are implemented via M8 connectors.

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