Ultrasonic Sensors

Minneapolis, MN - October 25, 2016

To help engineers improve sensor operations in unique applications, Turck introduces six line extensions to its ultrasonic sensor offerings. These new products expand the breadth of Turck’s solutions to build a more comprehensive ultrasonic sensor portfolio for its customers.

Ultrasonic sensors are ideal in applications with demanding requirements, such as long sensing ranges, non-metallic, irregularly shaped or transparent targets, wide sensing areas and when dust or oil films are present. Featuring advanced technology, Turck’s ultrasonic sensors address these challenges to deliver dependable object detection.

The sensors are available in a variety of housing styles with multiple feature sets to solve difficult applications. The rectangular packages of the CP40 and CK40 product families offer sensing ranges up to two meters with either a single digital output or a digital and analog output. The barrel style family offers 18 and 30 mm barrels with either a single digital output, dual digital outputs, or a digital output and an analog output. The digital and analog output version offers the advantage of IO-Link capabilities, making parameterization, diagnostics, and replacement easy. 

“These feature sets, along with extremely short blind zones and rugged housing designs, allow Turck sensors to work where others will not,” said Rich Tallant, sensors product manager for Turck. “Many of these sensors are designed with compact housings, and our new ATEX/IECEx-approved sensors are ideal for use in hazardous locations. With these line extensions, customers have more reliable solutions for challenging sensor applications.”

To learn about our new and updated ultrasonic sensor products, please click on the items below:

  • M30 barrel sensors with 6 m sensing range (click here)
  • 18 mm barrel sensors with side-sensing transducer (click here)
  • CP40 and CK40 sensors with new housing (click here)
  • Compact sensors for retro-reflective applications (click here)
  • ATEX and IECEx-approved sensors for hazardous applications (click here, and here)
  • Compact sensors with NPN output (click here)
  • Ultrasonic Sensors video (click here)
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