Product  TB-Q08-0.15-RS4.47T/C53

HF Read/Write Head

For Bus Line Topology with TBEN-*

Ident. no.: 7030778
    • Rectangular, height 8 mm
    • Active face on top
    • Metal, GD-Zn, nickel-plated brass
    • Device without end termination
    • Device may only be operated in line topology TBEN-S*-2RFID-* or TBEN-L*-4RFID-*
    • Max. 32 nodes per line or connection permitted
    • Use a corresponding terminating resistor (see accessories)
    • Observe the performance of the power supply, especially when turned on, and the maximum current carrying capacity of the cables
    • Observe the voltage drop on the line
    • The maximum possible length of the spur line is 2 m
    • The maximum possible length of the bus is 50 m
    • By default, a command can only be processed by one read/write head, making HF bus mode suitable for static applications and slow dynamic applications
    • In continuous HF bus mode, a command is executed simultaneously on all read/write heads in a bus topology. The recorded data is stored in the ring buffer of the module
    • The read/write head is automatically assigned an address
    • For different application requirements, the address and can be parameterized
    • Powered and operated only via connection to BL ident interface module
    • M12 × 1 connector, connection only via BL ident extension cable

General data

EAN 4047101431353
eCl@ss-Code (V5.1.4): 27280401 -/- Identification RFID
Customs tariff number 85365080900
Country of origin DE
Weight 38 g

Technical Data

Technology HF RFID
Radio communication and protocol standards ISO 15693, NFC Typ 5
Design Rectangular
Construction size 32 x 20 x 8 mm, Q08
Read/Write distance max. 30 mm
Mounting Flush
Fieldbus Protocol Connection to RFID interface
Suitable for bus mode to TBEN-*. Yes
Housing material GD-Zn
Ambient temperature -25…+70 °C
Protection class IP67

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